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Century Pest Lockhart

Century Pest Lockhart
2000 West San Antonio Ste, 6 Lockhart, TX 78644
Lockhart, TX 78644
United States


We gently relocate them back into the wild. Diseased, injured and defenseless young are released to wildlife rescue agencies. We are expert structure sealers and can repair damage back to its original condition or use conventional materials and camouflage the appearance to blend with the background.We understand that bugs, rodents, and other pests can be a real problem for your home or business. Not only do you not want to see them in your personal space, but they can also cause some severe damage to your property. Don`t let pests bug you any longer!
Our technicians are licensed and certified by the Texas Department of Agriculture. They are rigorously trained to ensure we deliver safe, quality pest management that works.

Century Pest Lockhart

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